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Crikey! Three Aussie cousins land on a new world in the clouds. Carnival Cloud is just the first stop...


Cloud Kingdoms

When three Aussie cousins are accidentally transported onto the clouds, James wants to go home, Billy wants to stay and Ruby’s stuck in the middle. Landing on Carnival Cloud, they team up with cloud kids, Floss and CJ, who warn them that Bully Boats and Pirate Clouds might stop them from getting home.

Join the awesome fun and thrilling adventures as together they uncover the new frontier, Cloud Kingdoms.
Laugh with them as they slide to Cloud School and Animal Cloud or Cloud Surf through the air on the most amazing ride of their lives. When danger strikes and warning sirens sound, they must work together, or risk being trapped in the clouds forever.

Look up into the clouds, what do you see…?


Anne Maree Durnan currently lives at the base of The Blue Mountains in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She is a mum, author and works part-time helping people recovering from addiction. Cloud Kingdoms is her debut children’s book, with the rest of the series in the works.

When she was 5 years old and not yet at school Anne Maree remembers her mum teaching Science to a grade six class and taking all the children on a trip to the Planetarium in Melbourne. Anne Maree got to go along for the ride. Talk about make an impact: Anne Maree has found herself with her head skywards ever since. Anne Maree adored her Mum who taught her many things including the different types of clouds and constellations.

Jump forward twenty-odd years and Anne Maree was a single mum of one cheeky little boy, Daniel. They loved to make up stories together, which have inspired this book. In 2009, the idea for Cloud Kingdoms first came to Anne Maree and she put pen to paper attempting to write a script for an animated movie. She sent her pitch out but nothing eventuated and she put it down. In 2013 inspired by her Aunty Peg who published her own short stories, Anne Maree started writing it as a book but put it down again. The Covid-19 lockdown in 2021 presented the perfect opportunity to get back into writing and finish this unique story. Anne Maree has found tremendous joy bringing this magical world in the clouds and its colourful characters to life.

Anne Maree’s wish is that this book becomes a movie or series and prays it ignites another generation of children who are filled with awe of nature and the worlds on the ground, in the seas and in the skies. She has interwoven messages of environmental, humanitarian and personal growth into her children’s book in the hope of inspiring kids to view each other as equals and care for ourselves as well as our planet.

If this book can help one child start to think and learn differently, be positive or be accepting of themselves Anne Maree’s ‘heart will smile and spirit will sing’, she says.